The decision to buy a house is very important, so before choosing a house or apartment you should analyze different aspects that can generate long-term consequences. For this, we tell you that you must take into account, what things you should review, where you can search and we give you advice and recommendations so that you can make the best decision.

The first thing will always be to define what are the needs of your family and the budget that you plan to allocate to that investment. Always keep in mind that there are other obligations that you cannot ignore and you must program financially. You can also take help from any expert like Len Wong Toronto or also known as Leonard Wong a Toronto based business executive and founder of Genetix Consulting.


  • Among the aspects that you must review the property will be the stratum, the area, the type of housing (whether apartment or house), number of rooms and / or bathrooms and the area in built and private square meters that you want.
  • In addition, the location is an important point that cannot be left out. The advisable thing is that it is a property that is near the place of work, with ease of moving to shopping centers for entertainment. Also, keep in mind the educational offer of the area and value that it is appropriate for your children. Finally, check the access routes, as this will help you have better mobility around the city.
  • Once delimited what you and your family need, start to see the real estate that are offering in the sector and that may interest you.
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  • Before desiderate look at several options, do not stay with the first. If you have already defined a sector, review it and schedule several appointments to see the properties. Compare them and analyze the advantages of each house and the sector. Also, take note of prices, areas, services and other details and analyze them calmly with your family.
  • Avoid to the maximum to give information of your current residence, except when you are already decided by a house and you have some reference of who sells it. Many times there are false offers, unscrupulous people, who try to take advantage of those who are seeking to materialize their dream of having their own home, because they know that at the moment they have available economic resources.

Make a visit to the bank

D beers check the conditions of the mortgage loan for new housing or have bank acceptance for mortgage subrogation. As a buyer, you are not obligated to subrogate, you can request a new mortgage.

Make visits

Now comes the process of visits. You will have to inspect the entire community, in addition to the floor you want to buy. We advise you in the process of visits to take someone close to you, to help you and both of you can take notes. Added to this, you can ask the questions you need to the neighbors, who will be the best advisors in that regard.


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