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Android next version going to be because the first preview of it is out it will be Android P so some sort of treat that starts with the letter P peppermint pops go off the top.

.There are a lot of changes actually aesthetically and just some interesting features including some of the natural aided features so stay tuned for those go through talk about everything.

That it found that’s new everything that Google has actually put out saying that they’ve made some changes and also some new features coming to Android P generally there’s a few previews that come out before the official release and will do videos and all those previews

Watching Video

Android P Version

The first developer preview of Android P before we really get started and want to switch to show you.

android p version images
android p version images for new devlopment by android p

Android P right here I quickly tap on it and there is that Easter Egg right there so the P and lots of different Colours and actually if you either lock the screen or restart it will change colours a very trippy psychedelic way so.

Android P Versions

if go ahead and just lock if you see it is an animation and switching colour as a lock and unlock the phone so lots different colour show.

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android p new version 2018
android p version notifiction images

The Status bat which is quite interesting swiping down notice it completely revamped quick settings icons right here they just have colours no text whatsoever a little bar down below to let you know you can’t expand them still you’ll notice that settings and all of those little widgets are a different style look to show.


Android P Mobile Setting

Setting app and we are going to go to display if the standard display setting clicks then scroll all the way down you’ll notice the Vice theme great right you can start to theme your pixel maybe a night mode not quite and don’t worry this isn’t going to be in the final release this is just a developer feature as if you guys who didn’t see something Android Phones.

android p display images for setting


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